EDUARD LUAN SINAJ born on 29 June 1966 in Tirana.

From 1980-1984 has completed Artistic Middle School “Jordan Misja” in Tirana at painting branch.In 1985 started work as specialist of artistic mosaics at Art  Works Center (Center for Realization of Art Works),at mosaics department under the supervision of Mr.Agim Nebiu.During these employment years he has worked for creation of some mosaics such as:Tropoja Museum,Borova Museum,Hotel of Rreshen (today the headquarters of Catholic Church)facade of High Agricultural Institute in Kamez etc.

Year 1990 marked the start of democratic transformation in Albania ,opening of the country,and as a consequence many foreign investors visited the country.Therefore I have worked as mosaic creator for different Italian and local clients.

In 1994 I opened the first study in Tirana,Albania to produce artistic mosaics for local and foreign market(mainly Italian one).

In 1997 I attended a specialization course in Italy for 8 months at a mosaics study in Salerno (Cava di Tirreni).

By the end of 1997 returned Albania and started work for Albanian Orthodox church and at the same time specialized  on the field of Byzantine mosaics.While working here he created many mosaics in facades and floors of 9 Churches(3 Cathedrals and 6 churches) with the support  of Archbishop Anastas.

In  1999 he cooperated with Albanian Caritas, and in the beginning of 2000 he established his study where  he created mosaics with support of Albanian Caritas and personal support of director Don Segundo Tejado.

During 9 years of work in this study he has created dozens of artistic mosaics with different dimensions and difficulties for 22 Catholic Churches in Albania (4 Cathedrals and 18 churches).It is important to emphasize the work done for creation of mosaic Saint Anibale Maria di Franicia by order of Rogazionist fathers in a square of Modugno in Bari.In 2007 in Italy “Sinaj” study was invited by Commune of Giovinazzo (Bari) to exhibit mosaics in an exhibition.

Although several mosaics were created for houses,bars,offices,institutions.Catholic Church and Albanian Orthodox Church will all their love for mosaic art works were a great  support to”Sinaj” study, in order to further develop this art in Albania.

With 22 years of experience and with specialized staff “Sinaj” study is capable to fulfill all the demands of clients for orders of mosaics of different difficulty scales and guarantee punctuality and professional service.