Artistic Mosaics study “Sinaj” established in 1994  came out as a need and indispensability  of radical transformations in Tirana and whole Albania.

Mosaics Study “Sinaj” aims to preserve and consolitade a rich tradition of mosaics of Apollonia,Butrint,Durres,Lins of Pogradec etc and to enrich this tradition and update it with time .

This study is updated and works with latest techniques and qualitative materials of eastern countries.

This study preserves strong artistic trends and one of its main principles is to avoid artwork commercialization.Art works produced at our study are characterized by high quality despite of the theme,size.We offer  professional services to clients,while implementing the latest advanced techniques in mosaics creation.

Materials used are: multi colors  marble of high quality from all over the world.But the most favorite material of our study works is Venecian glass stones (Orsoni).

Also this study possesses more than 100 colors with tones of different types,including gold and silver stones.With all the wide rank, diversity of materials,long experience in artistic mosaics creation,and our devotion we make your ideas and imagination come true.