What we do

Studio Sinaj is unique in Albania for the European level quality from the point of view of materials, artistic and numerous genres offered by it.
This studio offers and successfully realizes for several years the art of mosaic and painting, and lately also stained glass artistic.

1. Mosaics are realized glass stones (pasta di retro) Orsoni from Venice – No 1 quality in Europe and entire world. This studio has realized with these materials different works, starting from dedicated portraits, compositions with pictures and landscapes with still life up to different logos.

Other materials used are multicolor marble – domestic and imported, where with these mosaics are realized mosaics as carpets, paths with different motives, as well as pictures on the floor, panels on the wall and tables.

2. Painting as a additional product in Studio Sinaj in every project for realization of mosaics is accompanied with mural and cavallettto paintings.

Paintings in this studio are realized in oil colors, acrylic and aquaria and pastel. These can be realized in cavalletto and mural painting and lately with the technique of gluing the canvas on the wall with acrylic colors. In the paintings can also be realized portraits, compositions with pictures, landscapes and still life.

3. The innovation of stained glass in Studio Sinaj is of importance because it is realized with different colors glasses, in pieces with different shapes to refract the natural and artificial light. The stained glass counts several techniques but at the moment we make the stained glass with pieces of different colors to realize portraits, compositions with pictures, landscapes, still life up to lamps, mirrors and symbolic souvenirs.

We use the Tiffany technique together with lead path to realize the best portraits and different pictures and shapes.

Glasses belong to different brands according to the inventors and different plants from respective countries according to names in the entire world.

Our motto is “We turn your dream into a world of colors”