Thanks to Eduard Sinaj’ passionate artistic work the mosaic embellishes again the sacred architectures of our churches. The mosaic art, as no other art, has the power to evoke the presence of the “uncreated light” in the sacred places, redefining the spaces and covering them with infinite chromatic variations. After two decades of patient artistic and artisan practice Eduard Sinaj has improved the mastery of this language, sweeping happily from the canonical modules of the Byzantine Art to them more flexible of the Occidental Sacred Art. Some works by Eduard Sinaj that have turned out and keep turning out from his workshop in Tirana, due to their formal maturity and material nature are destined to last.

OFM fr.Flavio Cavallini

As far as mosaics are concerned, the atelier of the artist Eduard Sinaj is one of the best in our country (Albania). The mosaics realized in this atelier can be shown from anyone either in public surroundings or in private ones, as well as in the most intimate areas of our homes. As an artist I would love to keep such a work in my studio. The mosaics of this atelier are distinguished, first of all, for their high artistic level reached thanks to the mastery of their author, but also thanks to the precious stones used, which have an excellent structural quality and often percentage of gold and silver. It will be a privilege for you if you are there and at the same time you will be surprised by the artist’s great dedication in the realization of his mosaic works. You will see there a wide variety of mosaics from ancient times to our days, including works of Modern Art. The mosaics of the atelier Sinaj are created, planned, realized and mounted everywhere by the artist Eduard Sinaj himself and his staff.
Today, anyone can realize mosaics, but this artist has characteristics, which distinguishes him from the others. His 25-year experience has made it possible for him to know well not only the techniques of realization, but also the different styles of mosaics created through the years. He knows very well and realizes accurately the ancient works, those of Renaissance art, of the middle Ages, of the Byzantine period and more, religious and laic works of art.
I would suggest visiting the Sinaj studio in order to catch the atmosphere of such a special place and, why not to be a customer and buy a precious work of art.

Mustafa Arapi
Painter, Restorer and Researcher of Byzantine Art